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Sept. 23, 2021

152 – Here’s Everything you Need!

152 – Here’s Everything you Need!

I remember when the first CRM system I used cost a one time charge of $30 – now it is more along the lines of $200 - $500 per month! Some of the more popular systems I am referring to include Pipedrive, Salesmate, Zoho, Clickfunnels and others.

I recently discovered a newer, full-featured business platform that has many newer and more advanced features -- similar to a $300/month program that I am currently using, but as I am exploring it, I am finding that it is cleaner, a little better organized, more intuitive to use and I think is a terrific platform for ANY business to consider…but if you are just starting out in business, I think this is a great way to start….and did I mention that its basic version is FREE to use?

Links mentioned in this Episode:

Systeme.io: https://systeme.io/

Want to market your business using Webinars? Webinar programs are expensive. Go-to-webinar: starts at $109/month. WebinarJam and EverWebinar cost $499/year! That’s a LOT of money – especially if you are just beginning to experiment with webinars and may only be presenting a few a year. But if you want to dip you toes into webinars without a major investment using a program that is extremely reliable and easy to use, then visit us here for a sample and a walkthrough of a remarkable webinar program that I recommend and use myself for pre-recorded webinars – and believe it or not, it costs less than $20