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July 1, 2021

143 - Got a Course?

143 - Got a Course?

Online learning is HOT!  Right now people are accustomed to online presentations and online learning. What used to be a $350 BILLION dollar industry has DOUBLED this year alone!

This e-learning platform is so good, so useful, so needed, and has so many advanced features, that it is worth talking about.  

The launch price is only $17 and although the launch has ended, the one-time $17 price is still available as I record this, so if this interests you at all, I would “run–don’t walk” and get it now while you can!  Not only will this program house your courses and take subscriptions in a professional course format, but has so many features, that you will be amazed -- they even GIVE you professional courses to sell and you make 100% of the purchase!

...Did I mention it's currently only $17?

Links mentioned in this Episode:

CourseMate: https://coursemate.live/

Want to market your business using Webinars? Webinar programs are expensive. Go-to-webinar: starts at $109/month. WebinarJam and EverWebinar cost $499/year! That’s a LOT of money – especially if you are just beginning to experiment with webinars and may only be presenting a few a year. But if you want to dip you toes into webinars without a major investment using a program that is extremely reliable and easy to use, then visit us here for a sample and a walkthrough of a remarkable webinar program that I recommend and use myself for pre-recorded webinars – and believe it or not, it costs less than $20


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