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June 17, 2021

141 - A Zapier Alternative (Get your Programs to Talk to Each Other)

141 - A Zapier Alternative (Get your Programs to Talk to Each Other)
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This is an alternative to Zapier. If you are not familiar with Zapier, it is a service that allows you to integrate one software, program, tool, or service with another. For example, when you add a new contact to your Customer database, you can have Zapier automatically add them to an autoresponder series in your autoresponder system at the same time.

Prior to systems like Zapier, you would have had to hire a programmer to custom design away to integrate two or more separate programs. Programs like Zapier make it simple to do on your own.

Zapier has been the leader in this integration field and they do have a free version, but in many of their plans including the free one, Zapier does not include some Premium integration -- one popular integration in particular is "Facebook Lead Ads" integrations

But now there is a new program on the block that is competing with Zapier...

Links mentioned in this Episode:

Integrately: https://integrately.com/

Zapier: https://zapier.com/

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