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April 1, 2021

130 – What Kind of Quiz Taker Are You?

130 – What Kind of Quiz Taker Are You?
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If you are familiar with Amy Porterfield, Ryan Levesque or Neil Patel, you may be familiar with how each of them recommends the power of using quizzes in your marketing. It’s a great way to engage prospects, encourages them to share their results and quizzes with others-- all the while qualifying them and those they share it with while building a list of qualified prospects for your business.

Quizzes engage people either in a fun way or in an informative way and take advantage of people’s natural curiosity. If your opening question stirs their curiosity, it creates an “open loop” where people don’t want to be left “hanging” – they really want to find out the answer to the quiz question – and if your quiz compliments your product or service – bingo. You have a viral way of getting qualified people on your list!

Links Mentioned in this Episode:



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