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May 5, 2022

Episode 31 Featuring: Simone Angel - From Show Biz to Jungle

Episode 31 Featuring: Simone Angel - From Show Biz to Jungle
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Simone was born in The Netherlands and brought up by a single mother. As a child, she had a dream to be in show biz that she never gave up on.

As a teenager, she would take a ferry from Holand to England and work to become a singer. One thing led to another and she became the youngest VJ in MTV's history.

At the peak of her showbiz career, she gave up everything and moved to the jungles of Belize and reinvented herself along with her husband. "The things we do for love," as the old song goes.

After another 20 years or so, she is preventing herself again and pulling on her connections from showbiz.

Life is ever so interesting when you are willing to Embrace Your Inner Weirdo.

Check out Simone's Podcast.


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