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April 19, 2022

Episode 30 Featuring: Mitchell Allen - The Geeky Geek

Episode 30 Featuring: Mitchell Allen - The Geeky Geek
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Mitchell was influenced by his dad, who created a game of his own when Mitchell was young.

He grew up playing board games and solving puzzles and enjoyed the challenge. His dad's creative influence led him to experiment with playing games as an only child in the house.

Mitchell also had a hearing impediment which made life interesting and challenging for him as he grew up.

All this led to him becoming an introvert and living in his head, where he created multiple personalities that he used to his advantage.

Today, he has carved a niche for himself where he does what he loves serving his clients who pay him handsomely for the geeky stuff he does.

You can find him on social media as @anklebuster. Listen to the podcast to learn how he came about it and how a mouse helped him with it.

He also has a website called Anklebuster.com 

Mitch has created a book of puzzles and you can learn more about it on hiscreative website.

To learn more about his work and to hire him, visit his professional website. 


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