April 5, 2022

Episode 29 Featuring: Nicki Ojeda - xcavating the Unconscious

Episode 29 Featuring: Nicki Ojeda - xcavating the Unconscious
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Nicki, aka Tatiara, was introduced to what may be termed as "New Age woo woo" at a very early age. She was reading Carl Jung and mystical psychology when she was just ten years old.

At 15, she started working at, what she called, a "witchy herb shop" and felt right at home. She became an apprentice in Tarot & energetic readings and essential oils.

Today, as the owner of Tarot with Tatiara, she offers insight, hope, and power through her tarot, clairvoyant, and past life readings. She offers custom essential oil blends based on your online zoom reading, as well as intuitive and archetypal insight.

Tatiara specializes in online past life and tarot readings, offering the querent a look at their probabilities and current trajectories enabling them to make informed decisions and changes and to create their desired outcomes.

She also gives people tools to correct their unconscious energy patterns through archetypal awareness and personal mythic correspondences.

You can learn all about Nicki's various works at the following Linktree and on her website.


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