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Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Welcome to the Embrace Your Inner Weirdo podcast where paradigms shift. Impossible becomes I'mpossible and Weirdos are exposed for who they really are: Pure Geniuses.

Every week I will be interviewing someone who has Embraced Their Inner Weirdo and become successful to get their insights so you may use it as an inspiration on your quest to Embrace Your Inner Weirdo. After all, Weirdo is NOT a four-letter word.

Recent Episodes

Episode 32 Featuring: Sharon Hurley-Hall - An International Weirdo

May 19, 2022

Sharon was born in England to parents who were from Trinidad and Barbados. She grew up in the Caribbeans where the majority of the people looked like her but were still treated as lesser. She has traveled to and lived in Eur…

Episode 31 Featuring: Simone Angel - From Show Biz to Jungle

May 5, 2022

Simone was born in The Netherlands and brought up by a single mother. As a child, she had a dream to be in show biz that she never gave up on. As a teenager, she would take a ferry from Holand to England and work to become a…

Episode 30 Featuring: Mitchell Allen - The Geeky Geek

April 19, 2022

Mitchell was influenced by his dad, who created a game of his own when Mitchell was young. He grew up playing board games and solving puzzles and enjoyed the challenge. His dad's creative influence led him to experiment with…

Episode 29 Featuring: Nicki Ojeda - xcavating the Unconscious

April 5, 2022

Nicki, aka Tatiara, was introduced to what may be termed as "New Age woo woo" at a very early age. She was reading Carl Jung and mystical psychology when she was just ten years old. At 15, she started working at, what she ca…

Episode 28 Featuring: Aaron Whitfield - Spotting Greatness in Children

March 29, 2022

Aaron Whitfield is an educator a t a major university where he is developing a curriculum to help students focus on their potential. He is also a creator in the field of music and fashion. By bridging the cultural and social…

Episode 27 Featuring: Nicole Lomangino - Born to be a Weirdo

March 22, 2022

Nicole claims that she was born a weirdo. While in elementary school she was asking herself, "How do I get out of this place?" At seventeen she had her chance as an exchange student and moved from New York to San Palo, Brazi…