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The Real Deal

I am so impressed with this podcast! This is the kind of in-depth drama commentary and analysis I’ve been looking for. These ladies know their stuff, and I love their perspectives. So good!

A Broad Overview of Current KDramas

The hosts this podacst have a prodigious knowledge of world dramas with a particular focus on kdramas. This podcast is a great source for discussions about the dramas being aired in Korea in the context of prior kdrama productions. They present an insightful, global perspective about these shows, …


K-Dramas probably make up 90% of the television that I watch. None of my friends or family have any interest, though. It often feels like I’m totally alone in my fandom. I just love listening to this group chat and sometimes disagree😆 about something that I so enjoy. I may be the only K-Drama f…

Great kdrama podcast

I love this podcast. It’s informative, honest, and funny. I love the various view points presented as well as the drama recommendations. If you are a kdrama fan I would definitely recommend this podcast.

Fun and informative

This is great fun, I am enjoying it. Thanks Pocasters!

Fun Chats

This is a great podcast of friends having a chat about kdramas. Sound quality occasionally has some issues, but it is worthwhile to stick through them.