March 3, 2023

2022 in Dramaland: Year-End Yak Part 3 (Underrated Gems)

2022 in Dramaland: Year-End Yak Part 3 (Underrated Gems)
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In Part 3 of our year end yak, friends of the podcast visit to give us a heads up on dramas that have gone unnoticed or underappreciated in 2022.

Leave us your thoughts in a voice note here: <Recording Page>


01:48 - Our Blues (Frabby and Yunah)

12:12 - Kiss Sixth Sense (Anja)

15:27 - Summer Strike (Just Me)

17:53 - Bloody Heart (Mimi)

22:00 - Law Cafe (Minal)

24:28 - Love All Play (Minal)

29:11 - Pachinko (Tina)

33:38 - Green Mother’s Club (Abdul)

38:25 - All of Us Are Dead (Cedarbough Saeji)

43:17 - Shining For One Thing (Kfangurl)

49:20 - Gratitude & Shoutouts!


Episode 143: Year End Yak Part 1

Episode 145: Year End Yak Part 2


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