Jan. 8, 2023

2022 in Dramaland: Year-End Yak Part 1 (Trends + Goguma Awards)

2022 in Dramaland: Year-End Yak Part 1 (Trends + Goguma Awards)
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In Part 1 of our massive (as usual) Year-End Yak, we talk first about trends in K-drama and our general thoughts on 2022. Then we break down the winners of our Audience Gogumas (some silly, some Very Important). Part 2 coming soon!

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0:00:57 Trends and general thoughts

0:58:36 4th Annual Goguma Awards!

1:03:11 Craziest Premise/Best Execution

1:03:37 Best First Half/Worst Second Half

1:04:17 Most Iconic Heroine

1:05:11 Best Hero ("You nice, keep going")

1:06:36 Peak Nostalgia

1:07:27 My Second Life Was My Best Life

1:09:27 Take Pity on Your Manager

1:19:14 Most Sincere Depiction of Grief

1:14:39 Best Old-School Comfort Watch

1:16:50 Top of Their Game Award

1:19:44 Snuck in and Stole the Show

1:23:27 Most Evolved Actor (or: Finally, Growth!)

1:28:35 Most Epic OTP

1:32:37 Soundtrack Played on Repeat

1:37:55 Create Your Own Award

1:50:26 Most Disliked Drama

1:58:18 Top 3 Dramas


Episode 143: Shooting Stars: Wholesome Romance with Problematic Subplots

Episode 121: 2021 in Dramaland: Year-End Yak Part 1 (Trends)


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This episode was edited bySaya and Anisa.

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