Jan. 28, 2023

Eating To Support Your Cycle

Eating To Support Your Cycle

It is not often that we hear nutrition, astrology, and period cycles in the same sentence. Today I am excited to be joined by Charmaine Kong, who is a Holistic Nutritionist & body astrologer, helping women recognize their period problems and guiding them to heal their bodies with astrology and holistic nutrition & lifestyle practices for today and years to come.

Charmaine shares her appreciation for the connection between the moon cycles and our menstrual cycles. Using the moon cycles as a guide, it can help you to better understand what your body may need during your given cycle. It can be challenging to listen to our bodies as they are giving us signs of what it needs, but Charmaine gives us helpful tips on how to recognize them and nutritionally support our cycles.

Listen in as Charmaine and I discuss the importance of connecting moon cycles and nutrition with our menstrual cycles to live in harmonious balance.

Ways to connect with Charmaine:

Instagram: @holisticallycharmed

Website: holisticallycharmed.com