May 26, 2021



Ariel goes "Under The Sea"; while we get our first visitors at the campfire.

Ariel goes "Under The Sea"; while we get our first visitors at the campfire.

Our guests Electricia and Chona hosts of Two Girls On a Bench - The Podcast. Follow her on Twitter @2GirlsOnaBench and on Instagram @2girlsonabench, or Listen to more 2 Girls On a Bench

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What happens when you take three people,  put them inside a Secret Government Agency and give them access to the largest collection of folklore, fairytales, and legends that have (n)ever existed?

Down To Folk is manufactured by M.A.S.S.K. The Ministry of Augmented Something Something, and a K.

**Down to Folk is a work of comedy fiction.  The views and opinions related within should be taken as such, and are not the views and opinions of the creators, writers, or performers.  No children were harmed while creating this podcast, although, a few deaths have occurred, but that 'twas the Wendigo I reckon.** 

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Two Girls on a Bench

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2 Girls on a Bench is a podcast featuring Siana-Lea Gildard and Tricia Marsac, two young (at heart) women working on a screenplay, working full time and trying to be creative on the side and on the weekends. In our 29 years of friendship, whenever we sit on a bench together anywhere in the world, we always see something unique happen.