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Feb. 1, 2023

#85- Intentional Optimism with Andrea Johnson

#85- Intentional Optimism with Andrea Johnson

Optimism and positivity gets more done than doubt and fear ever could. We love better, we think better, we're more productive and creative,  we're happier and healthier.

On today's show I interview Andrea Johnson who is an Executive Leadership Coach, Certified DISC Consultant, and host of the Intentional Optimists, Unconventional Leaders podcast.

She uses her training and experience to equip & empower female leaders to think critically, create imaginatively and lead effectively - in any situation, team or organization.

Her story of overcoming cultural and social expectations of being a “quiet Southern Christian lady,” a mom rather than a professional, and a “good American,” rather than the third-culture kid that she is, offers many points of connection and relatability for your audience. 

Her personal growth philosophy, Intentional Optimism, will inspire listeners to navigate their leadership journey with courage and clarity.

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