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Feb. 8, 2023

#86- Are you looking out the window or in the mirror?

#86- Are you looking out the window or in the mirror?

I'm solo-casting today on this super important topic. 

At a young age we are taught to want what everyone else wants. This is where comparison begins of what they have compared to what we don't. We are taught to want materials and external things and not what are souls need. 

There's always someone who will have what you want: looks, money, cars, hair, physique. This makes us feel small and powerless. This is us looking out the window.

No one taught us to look in the mirror and at our souls. No one has what our souls have. This is why we need to look in the mirror. What we find there is what needs to be honored. 

We are not supposed to move forward only if people approve of us. We move forward honoring what's within us and approving of ourselves. 

Are you looking in the mirror? Are you looking into your soul and really being honest with yourself? Did you do the most you could today to move yourself toward your dreams?

Take a listen. 

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