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Oct. 26, 2022

#77 - The Fall of a Christian Leader with Brian Kreeger

#77 - The Fall of a Christian Leader with Brian Kreeger

To fall or be brought down by temptation is not Christian, but human. We all fall at one time or another. Brian Kreeger was no different. But he felt he had failed God as well as his wife...

This is one not to miss as we dive deep into what happened and how he and his marriage recovered.

Brian Kreeger is an author, speaker, and nonprofit consultant. In 2012, he founded a faith-based free health clinic that served as a vehicle to share Christ's love through primary healthcare in an urban, poverty-stricken setting. After growing the organization significantly in four years, Brian experienced his own leadership fall due to the pressures of his work and his own human weakness.

Author of "The Courageous Ask: A Proactive Approach to Prevent the Fall of Christian Nonprofit Leaders." He has served on numerous nonprofit boards and have been in numerous leadership positions. He spent 28 years managing grocery stores.

After about 20 years  he was called to open a Faith-Based Free Health Clinic in his city. After 4 years of successful operation, he started to struggle with leadership, loss of true identity and loneliness/isolation. He fell during that period out of his own human weakness.

Recognized through the questioning of a board member that besides human weakness, there are inherent parts of leadership that tempt us toward stumbling blocks that many succumb to. His book recognizes that those surrounding a leader, can see a fall coming.

His book and message empowers leaders, and those around them, to do something when they see it and encourages a proactive approach to prevent it.

He holds nonprofit leadership and board consulting certificates from Duke University and Boardsource and is working with the Christian Leadership Alliance.

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