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May 11, 2022

#64 - Follow Your Bliss with Vance Neudorf

#64 - Follow Your Bliss with Vance Neudorf

Vance Neudorf follows a creed that no matter what your hand finds to do, you should throw yourself at it and enjoy every minute of the experience. Don't waste your time with complex personal plans, get moving and do something. He spent 8 summers planting trees and in the end planted over half a million. His personal core values of Community, Celebration and Creativity are guided by his Creativity Manifesto and he creates every single day. 

He has created a series of epic length fantasy novels. He creates using woodworking, linguistics, Photoshop, Indesign, podcasting, Audible, 3D jewelry design and any other venture he cares to tackle to make stories worth listening to. Check out his fantasy series at

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