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Feb. 23, 2022

#54 - Mystic Indra Rinzler

#54 - Mystic Indra Rinzler

 Indra Rinzler’s stories and experiences will delight all audiences. The wisdom he shares will open the audience to learning about themselves, their life’s journey and their relationship with Gaia Earth. 

He's journeyed to India and the world over pursuing deep spiritual answers. 

What is the Enneagram of Personality and how can it help people in their personal growth? 

What are the 4 doorways to Conscious Living? 

What does the Wheel of Totality tell us about our life blind spots? 

For 50 years Indra Rinzler has been involved in Spirituality and Vedic Astrology. He has been studying and sharing Enneagram of Personality since 1999. He uses these modalities in Life Readings designed to help clients wake up to who they really are.