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Oct. 3, 2021

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction with Adrian Hart

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction with Adrian Hart

Breaking associations can be a difficult thing to do especially at the beginning of sobriety for me because just about everything I was doing leading up to me stopping drinking involved me drinking.

starting to do the things I loved to do without having a drink made me feel like I've just left the house without my phone like there's something off, feels like there's something missing.

It can be very strange, to begin with, but as time passes it will change. it has allowed me to remember why I love to do some of the things in my life like drawing or going to the gym and taking the time to separate those things from a busy day-to-day life and use them as an escape, a bit of downtime to relax and focus.

Trying to reign in my focus is something that needs work. like so many people I multitask unnecessarily like watching Netflix, listening to a podcast, and eating breakfast all whilst having a shower! That's an exaggeration but you get it. So trying to use activities like drawing or the gym as an hour or so that is just for one thing alone is a good start for me.

It's all only beginning to change and take shape and I'm very much looking forward to the future.

Here's to another 24

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