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Aug. 29, 2021

Mother Wounds and Self Care with Katrina Blake

Mother Wounds and Self Care with Katrina Blake

Katrina Blake is a Mum of two living in Dublin, Ireland. She has two postgraduate qualifications in Psychology (accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland and the British Psychological Society), the second of which is in Applied Psychology.

Her areas of interest are Trauma-Informed Approaches to Mental Health, Mindfulness, Somatic-Based Therapies (including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy), and the achievement of optimal mental health via the use of Positive Psychology, Nature, and Art-Based methodologies.

Katrina has worked in several clinical settings including crisis intervention, suicide prevention and neuropsychology services

Katrina has also worked in Trust and Safety for 15+ years in Large Global Multinational Corporations, more recently in the area of Global Crisis Management at a senior leadership level.


Katrina provides offerings in the following areas:

1. Professional Writing (Websites, Blogs, social media, Traditional Press)

2. Mindful Art - Fine Art Prints and Commissions designed to Cultivate Calm

3. Corporate Wellness Consultation (Limited Availability)

4. 1:1 Wellness Professional Consultation

Follow Katrina Blake:

WEBSITE: https://calmwithkatrina.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/calm_with_katrina

ART Shop: https://www.instagram.com/calm_with_katrina

If you would like to share your story and help inspire others or have a perspective on Mental Health, please contact me for our conversation.

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