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March 7, 2022

Infidelity - Ask the Therapist with Andrew G. Marshall

Infidelity - Ask the Therapist with Andrew G. Marshall

Andrew G. Marshall has thirty five years experience helping couples and individuals and has written twenty books.

I am the author of the international best-seller I Love You But I’m Not in Love With You. A special 10th anniversary edition was recently published to celebrate over 100,000 copies sold. In total, I’ve written twenty titles on love, relationships and infidelity—which have been translated into over twenty different languages.

I also written two volumes of memoirs and articles for the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday and The Daily Telegraph. I’ve appeared on TV shows as This Morning and Lorraine Kelly Today and on radio programmes like Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2.

The Guardian has described my work as “wonderfully comforting” and “I feel light headed and giggly…as if someone has just made sense of me” and The Evening Standard as “insightful”.

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