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Jan. 9, 2022

Eating Disorders Recovery Coach Jacqueline Campion

Eating Disorders Recovery Coach Jacqueline Campion

Jacqueline is a Life Coach and Eating Distress Practitioner

Jacqueline recovered from 15 years of living with Eating Distress, she has spent the last decade teaching people how to free themselves from Eating Disorders/Distress and many other types of self-harming behavior.

Jacqueline also Hosts Calling it Out Podcast: The Podcast is dedicated to teaching you how to call out the condition in your head.

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Questions Asked:

1. How do I know I have an Eating Disorder? What are some of the signs?

2. Are there different types of ED?

3. What are some of the unconscious behaviors people do that they might not notice?

4. Let’s talk about emotional eating.

5. How can I help a friend or family member living with an eating disorder?

6. The connection between Depression and Eating Disorder?

7. Why do women suffer from Body Shame

8. How can combat Eating Disorder?

9. What about healthy eating diets? Can you still have ED?

10. How can a parent spot ED on their child?

11. How long can my ED survive?

If you would like to share your story and help inspire others or have a perspective on Mental Health, please contact me for our conversation.

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