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Insurrection at the Capitol: How Did We Get Here?

Jan. 11, 2021

Vicki, Gail, and Nate sit down to discuss the recent attempt by domestic terrorists to storm the US Capitol and overthrow the American democracy. Episode Sources/Links: https://www.fbi.gov/cve508/teen-website/how https://www…

Antiracism Black Lives Matter Religion Society & Culture Politics Racism

Interrogating Whiteness, with Kerry Connelly

Dec. 29, 2020

Nate, Gail, and Vicki are joined by Kerry Connelly, the author of the book Good White Racist? Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice . They discuss some thoughts from her book as well as how white people’s defensiveness a…

Guest: Kerry Connelly
Society & Culture Politics Gaming Sexism

From Gamergate to the Alt Right - with Tabi Wells

Dec. 1, 2020

Vicki and Nate are joined by guest host Tabi (who’s also one of the hosts of the podcast Dragons & Flagons ) to talk about Gamergate and trace its history to its influence on what would eventually become the alt right. Liste…

Guest: Tabi Wells
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Exvies, Part 2: Why We Should Care About Evangelicalism

Nov. 24, 2020

Cally and Dave return to the show and discuss why we should be paying attention to Evangelicalism and recognize its influence on politics and society. Get social with us: Facebook: @dontrepeatthispodcast Instagram: @dontrepe…

Guests: Dave Uriarte , Cally Uriarte
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Abortion, Part 2: A Different Way of Thinking

Nov. 10, 2020

Gail, Vicki, and Nate continue their discussion about abortion and consider ways the wider conversation needs to evolve. Get social with us: Facebook: @dontrepeatthispodcast Instagram: @dontrepeatthispodcast Twitter: @dontre…

Government Politics Bonus Episode

Election 2020!

Nov. 9, 2020

Election Week 2020 has wrapped up, and even though there's still a long way to go before the election is finalized (including two runoffs in Georgia), every major news network has declared Joe Biden the new President-Elect o…

Religion Politics Abortion Christianity

Abortion, Part 1: A Closer Look at the Pro-Life Narrative

Nov. 3, 2020

Vicki, Nate, and Gail dive into the topic of abortion and examine a few of the inconsistencies in the pro-life narrative. Get social with us: Facebook: @dontrepeatthispodcast Instagram: @dontrepeatthispodcast Twitter: @dontr…