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March 21, 2022

Episode #23: Domestic Abuse

Episode #23: Domestic Abuse

Today's episode is about domestic abuse and we're so pleased that Caroline accepted to share her expertise and advise on such a sensitive and difficult topic. Caroline Glass is a Private Domestic Abuse Consultant, she works with survivors of abuse to explore any controlling or manipulative behaviours that have been occurring in their relationships with the aim of helping them to understand how to safeguard themselves emotionally as well as physically.

She advises survivors of abuse who are going through a divorce or other family court proceedings where domestic abuse is present.

Caroline also supports employees who are surviving domestic abuse, as well as providing training and awareness raising briefings for employers

You can contact Caroline though her website: http://www.domesticabuseadviser.com/ or her email: domesticabuseadviser@gmail.com

Audrey Zeitoun is a French Relationship and divorce and Life coach based in London. She works internationally with English and French speaking clients around the world. She has extensive training accredited by the International Coaching Federation. You can download her free guide here. She offers a free 30 mn discovery call you can book on her website. 

Audrey is very intuitive and knowledgeable. She can help you with the issue that you are facing in a few sessions or give you a full year support.

You can find her website, blog and social media on www.audreyzcoaching.com.

She also has a your tube channel




Sarah-Jane Tasteyre is a French divorce lawyer based Leeds, after having lived in Hong Kong for 6 years and Tokyo for 3 years. She assists clients mostly in Hong Kong where she practices with the Firm @JCLegal, and in England. Her life abroad has led her to become an expert in cross border cases in area of family law and probate.

Her experience as a family lawyer in various countries has made her conscious, of the added strain that expats have to deal with when faced with the possibility of a divorce, far from home, family and friends without the right support.

This made her reflect on how her clients could be helped by other ways than by going to see a therapist. This is how she begun to work with Audrey, and other professionals.

Contact : sjt@tasteyrefamilylaw.co.uk

Facebook/ Linkedin/ Twitter Sarah-Jane Tasteyre Avocat Instagram SarahJane_familylawyer

Website : www.tasteyrefamilylaw.co.uk

The idea of the podcast, is to inform on legal issues, practical issues when getting a divorce, but also introducing various ways of dealing with stress and anxiety or helping rebuild oneself. There is a solution for everyone. There is no judgment, we just want to open peoples’ eyes to new ways of doing things, to reassure them, by giving them the right information and contacts.