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On Discover Ag hosts Natalie Kovarik and Tara Vander Dussen give their professional farming opinions on the top trending topics and news in the ag and food space to help you better understand the food system and connect with the hands that feed us.

Expect to be wildly entertained and informed, as you tune in each week and discover what's new in the world of agriculture.

Recent Episodes

Feb. 29, 2024

Discovering Cheerios, Monkey Farms & First Dates Cheerios + Poultry & Eggs Interview

145 | This week we discover how Small town residents are uniting to fight a gigantic monkey farm (you heard that correctly a monkey farm). Why grocery stores are apparently the new hottest date spot and how new research is t…
Feb. 27, 2024

HOT OF THE PRESS: Nose Piercings, Tooth Fairies & Love Languages

144 | Welcome to January’s HOT OFF THE PRESS: CLUB DISCOVER HAPPY HOUR personal episode where we go beyond the headlines and instead of dishing on food, we dish on ourselves. In honor of the new year we decided to share the …
Feb. 22, 2024

Discovering Beyonce, Big Macs & Airport Vineyards

143 | This week we discover: How an Italian airport is taking airport wine to a whole new level. How McDonals has spent the past seven years Overhauling Its signature offering, and the controversy surrounding Beyonce’s newes…
Feb. 15, 2024

Discovering Joe Rogan, Sriracha Sauce & Farmer Wants a Wife + Case IH Interview

142 | This week we discover the tragic story behind everyones favorite iconic fiery-red chili-garlic hot sauce, Sriracha. We give you our raw and honest thoughts on the hit show “Farmer wants a wife”, & we’re revealing the v…
Feb. 8, 2024

Discovering Shrimp Paste, Pringles & Soap Boxes + Toups & Co interview

141 | This week we discover how a social media food photo almost cost an influencer a $60,000 dollar restaurant bill. The best and the worst of this weekends Super Bowl food commercials, AND how a new study has found gardeni…
Feb. 1, 2024

Discovering Raw Meat, Hailey Bieber & Austin, TX

140 | Today we discover how a flabbergasted American tourist was asked to sign a waiver when he ordered a medium-done hamburger. How whole milk is making interesting strides among celebrities, influencers and genZ, and the “…