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Season 1

Dec. 26, 2021

DWTB EP. 44 - Best of 2021

Happy Holidays from the Jojitorium! Adam and Matt took the week off to try and catch Santa breaking into their houses. Before The Boys rigged the house Home Alone style, Matt locked himself in the studio to put this episode …

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Dec. 19, 2021

DWTB EP. 43 Tell Me You Love Me!

Happy Holidays from the Jojitorium! The Boys exchange some presents, check out some UFC 269 news, give you some movies to watch during the holiday season to freak your family out, and much more! We drank some delicious holida...

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Dec. 12, 2021

DWTB EP. 42 The Science of Murder

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys tackle Jake Paul v. Tyron Woodley 2, fight science behind Home Alone traps, why getting bullied as an adult is weird, and much more! We drank wonderful brews from Hitchhiker, Arboretum...

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Dec. 5, 2021

DWTB EP. 41 Larry King-size

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys want to thank all of the listeners who took the time to check us out during 2021! We recap our end of year stats, pick apart some holiday movies, give you some alternatives …

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Nov. 28, 2021

DWTB EP. 40 The Friendsgiving Punishment

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys celebrate Friendsgiving with some beers, some laughs, and a full on punishment! Adam takes his time while discussing the characteristics of a good hot dog, Matt found a bodyguard, and ...

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Nov. 21, 2021

DWTB EP 39 Stuff'd - The Thanksgiving Episode!

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys are bringing you their Thanksgiving Special! Adam and Matt tackle some combat sports news, pair beers with your Thanksgiving Day menu, watch the results of the straight up smack down f...

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Nov. 14, 2021

DWTB EP 38 The Arboretum Double Cross, with Cookies!

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys recap Drink the Cookie Table. Matt may have been sent and/or jumped ship to another brewery *gasp*. Adam explains how gin can save your Christmas. And The Boys bring you some combat sp...

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Nov. 7, 2021

DWTB EP 37 Production Value Kill Zone

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys take a look at some of the news in the world of professional wrestling and MMA. Adam made a quick little purchase to add production value to the show. Matt explains the complexities …

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Oct. 31, 2021

DWTB EP 36 Full On SPKYSZN with Full Pint

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys bring on a special guest, Jim Simmons AKA Bobby Nacho, who just so happens to be the head brewer of Full Pint! The Boys dig into the history of Nacho's roots to see …

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Oct. 24, 2021

DWTB EP 35 Best Week Ever!

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys review a huge week for Bash Brew including CJ Big Pour! Adam finally claims his status as an affluent candy consumer. Matt cannot fathom how people pair milk with their meals. The Boys...

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Oct. 17, 2021

DWTB EP 34 - Squids n Beers

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys try to rework Squid Game with games from their childhoods. Adam has a bone to pick with Tipper Gore. Matt tries to remember which horror movie rules still apply in 2021. And The …

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Oct. 10, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys break down the WWE Draft and recap AEW Homecoming. Adam professes his continued love of Adam Hangman Page. Matt takes another crack at the American Dragon's real name. And The Boys pit...

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Oct. 3, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys bring you a recap of Extreme Rules 2021, talk about some local Pittsburgh in-ring talent, and discuss why Jeff and Matt Hardy had a fiery feud back in their late WWE days. Adam …

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Sept. 26, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys take a look back on AEW Grand Slam Night 1 and a few bright spots on RAW. Adam and Matt remember the good old days of USA Network, looking at you Silk Stalkings. …

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Sept. 26, 2021

DWTB The Trailer!

If you wanted to know what happens inside the Jojitorium, here's your chance to get a sneak peek! Adam and Matt take their shots at pro wrestling, craft beer, pop culture, horror movies, and much more. With new episodes every...

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Sept. 19, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys talk Barrel and Flow 2021 and the Extreme Rules 2021 card set to pop off on September 26. Adam talks fantasy brewing and drops big news on his collab with Penn Brewing! Matt …

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Sept. 12, 2021

DWTB EP 29 - Feat. Dennis Guy (First Sip Brew Box)

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys break down the historic AEW All Out PPV Card. Adam lets you know how you can finally get one over on Taylor Swift. Matt dusts off "Florida Man or Fake News" for game …

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Sept. 5, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys review the Jake Paul v. Tyron Woodley card in a BETS OF DOOM! Matt takes a shot at accents, spoiler alert he isn't good at them. Adam tries out for Penta's new hype …

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Aug. 29, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys take a look at the best week of pro wrestling in forever! Adam does his best to tell an old person off, Matt was always a bit too sweaty to talk to girls …

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Aug. 22, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys tackle the upcoming August 29th Paul vs. Woodley boxing card in the latest BETS OF DOOOOM! Adam has a bone to pick with royalty, Matt ruined a wedding, and The Boys set you …

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Aug. 15, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys flash back to simpler times with a review of the King of The Ring (1998) where the iconic Hell in Cell match took place between The Undertaker and Mankind! It's pretty clear at …

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Aug. 8, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys tackle AEW Homecoming, the release of Bray Wyatt, and the possibility of Adam Cole seeing the opening market bay baaaaay! Adam wants to give Excalibur a really really firm hug when the...

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Aug. 1, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys break down Fight for the Fallen, spoiler alert - we ripped on it heavily. Adam may just be a supervillain in civilian clothing. And Matt just wants everyone to have a good time …

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July 25, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys recap Money in the Bank 2021 and we are starting to wonder if WWE is actually fixing some of their issues?! Adam just really really hates Excalibur and is on a search for …

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July 18, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys recap UFC 264 and realize that maybe they aren't too bad at this betting thing with the BETS OF DOOOOM! Adam let's you know that he is loyal and totally wants to hang …

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July 11, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium!! The Boys play fantasy booker for Malaki Black (FKA Tommy End) and give creative a run for their money. Matt finally figures out first round picks in this episode's edition of Mt. Rushmore. Ada...

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July 4, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys break down UFC 264 in a new BETS OF DOOOOM! Matt still doesn't understand the importance of a first round pick. Adam has acquired vetoing power in the Jojitorium some how! Lastly, we …

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June 27, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys recap Hell in a Cell 2021 while we sip on some delicious Abjuration brews. Adam recalls his worst job he's had working for a place that rhymes with Heatz, Matt lets you know …

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June 20, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys highlight some of the top stories in pro-wrestling and preview Hell in a Cell 2021. We let you know about our desert island beers, all about our new sandwich menu in the Jojitorium, …

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June 13, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys bring you some quick news from the wrestling scene and play fantasy booker with some of the top names in free agency. Adam declares his love of He-Man and Matt attempts to defend …

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June 6, 2021


Welcome back to the Jojitorium! This episode is front to back packed! Adam and Matt recap AEW Double or nothing, Adam professes his continued allegiance to Hangman Adam Page, Matt is trying to make a meaty man tag team extrav...

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May 30, 2021


Join The Boys as they preview All Elite Wrestling's upcoming card Double or Nothing. Adam (aka John J. Jellyroll) talks about his travels to Columbus OH where he sampled some of the finest brews and food the city had to …

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May 24, 2021

DWTB EP. 13 AKA Answer the Hot Ones

The Boys tackle a mash up of Hot Ones X Answer the Internet, Matt wants to fight his dad, Adam thinks he can beat up a horse sized duck, and Josh is ready to knuckle up with Harry Potter. Mystic …

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May 19, 2021

DWTB Ep. 12.5 The Speakeasy Sessions with King Strang

Adam and Matt sit down with King Strang in this wonderful episode of The Speakeasy Sessions. King Strang is a powerhouse artist that blends the old with the new to bring a unique musical experience to any audience. We truly …

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May 16, 2021

DWTB Ep. 12

The Boys preview Wrestlemania: Backlash in a new Bets of DOOOOOOM! Adam breaks down where you can catch some beer with your pup, Josh tries to cancel the Paul Brothers, and Matt is tasked with defending Star Wars. Welcome bac...

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May 10, 2021


It's a little spooky in the Jojitorium in this episode as The Boys pit some of most notable horror icons against one another, Josh takes on a "ghostly" punishment, Adam recruits x-men for his zombie squad, and Matt declares h...

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May 3, 2021

DWTB Ep. 10

Episode 10 brings you the recap of UFC 261 where Matt finally did not fall victim to the Bets Of DOOOOM! But he was gifted the ability to punish Josh but it's a secret ;) Josh brings the heat with …

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April 25, 2021

DWTB Ep. 9

Welcome back to the Jojitorium!! The Boys make predictions on the new UFC card with a new BETS OF DOOM!! Matt tackles his punishment which came from the depths of the secret chambers of friendship. Adam professes his love for...

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April 21, 2021

DWTB Ep. 8.5 - The Speakeasy Sessions - Tejon Street Corner Thieves

You've been to the Jojitorium, but The Boys want to welcome you to "The Speakeasy Sessions" where we interview some of the people that we like, love, admire, or just find straight up interesting. We are so happy to say …

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April 18, 2021

DWTB Ep. 8

Welcome back to the Jojitorium! The Boys recap Wrestlemania and major spoiler, Matt loses again and his punishment is specific and vengeful. Adam goes full Quentin Tarantino on Vince McMahon, Josh might be in line for a new j...

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April 12, 2021

DWTB Ep. 7

The Boys break down both nights of Wrestlemania in a new BETS OF DOOOOM, Adam and Matt finally take on the punishment they owe for failing miserably at March Madness, Josh should probably get scouted for a job with WWE …

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April 4, 2021

DWTB Ep. 6

The Boys want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Adam drops his new beer and tasks the Boys with figuring out the Mt. Rushmore of donuts, Josh continues his journey to getting an interview with Becky Lynch, and Matt is …

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March 29, 2021

DWTB Ep. 5

Listen to the sweet sounds of our new intro music! The Boys get the sad news that the alphabet has been reworked, Josh is WAY more progressive with his pro-wrestling picks, Adam wants to take down a conspiracy theorist, and …

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March 21, 2021

DWTB Ep. 4

The Boys dive into some Monday's beer, Josh brings us up to speed with some serious bracketology for March Madness, Adam released a beer with Couch, and Matt doesn't understand how debit cards work. Oh yeah, we maaaaaaaay hav...

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March 14, 2021

DWTB Ep. 3

The boys break down the BETS OF DOOOOOM, Josh is sad that Petr Yan doesn't know what a downed opponent is, Matt falls in love with Robocop, and Adam brings you all of your summer plans for the 2021 MLB …

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March 7, 2021

DWTB Ep. 2

The boys bring you some hometown flavor with Black Forge Coffee and Couch beers. Adam makes a big announcement about his upcoming project. Josh tries to pit us against each other with his PICKS OF DOOOOOM! We give you some …

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Feb. 21, 2021

Decayin With The Boys (Pilot)

Adam, Josh, and Matt bring their minds together in the Jojitorium to talk about taking bumps in wrestling, conspiracy theories, and try to figure out if Josh ever lived in San Diego. IG @decayinwtb email decayinwtb@gmail.com

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