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Oct. 23, 2022

DWTB EP. 87 - He Ain't No First Timer

DWTB EP. 87 - He Ain't No First Timer

Welcome back to the Jojitorium!

The Boys welcome Jason Mesher, first time homebrewer and co-head creative at Mesh Mash Brewing! The gang talks about Jason's first jump into homebrewing, how supportive the homebrew community it, how much he wants to put cherries in everything, the reason why Critters 2 is the best sequel ever, and oh yeah


We pit the best of the Fall against each other to see who reigns supreme for Spooky Season!

Conny Creek

Mondays Brewing

Inner Groove

Cellar Works

Arboretum Trail


and don't forget about last years champ, Full Pint!

We shout out our homies from other pods on this one:

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