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Sept. 4, 2022

DWTB EP. 80 - Live-ish From The North Hills Homebrew Fest 2022

DWTB EP. 80 - Live-ish From The North Hills Homebrew Fest 2022

Welcome back to the Jojitorium!

Matt flew solo on this one, kinda, to be LIVE(ish) from the North Hills Homebrew Fest 2022 because Adam was too busy being the returning champion. Spoiler alert, he took home the title for the second year in a row with the South of Heffen Hefeweizen which will now be featured on tap at Penn Brewery sometime in the near future.

Matt spoke with some of the best from the Burgh during this one: Sixty South, Chipped Tooth, 5th Season, Bobby Nacho, Hello Brewtiful, and so much more!

This episode gives you the inside scoop on the history of this event, how it helps people in need, the community of incredible people it holds, and how you can be a part of it for year 6!

All the info for next year can be found here:


Don't forget to grab your tickets for Brewing Up a Cure for October 8th, 2022 by following the link here:


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