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Aug. 28, 2022

DWTB EP. 79 - Tourin' with The Boys and Braxton

DWTB EP. 79 - Tourin' with The Boys and Braxton

Welcome back to the Jojitorium!

We have Anthony Braxton from City Brew Tours with us today to talk about the biz of hauling people to some of the best beer spots in Pittsburgh! We chat about the wildest times in the van, how he uses beer to connect people to each other, using beer for good, how he grew up in West Virginia, and how he wishes five dollars could still make him the wealthiest man at the bar

We drank wonderful beers from Hop Farm Brewing and Trace Brewing in this one so check them out and give em a follow, just make sure you tell em The Boys sent ya ;)

If you want to book a tour of some of the best brew spots in the Burgh, you can head over to:


We feature our friends in this one over at Doom Generation. These two hosts bring us the nostalgia we long for while always wondering if we've already doomed ourselves!

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