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Coming at you from the Jojitorium, it's Adam, it's Matt, we are The Boys and we are always Decayin!

What does decayin with the boys mean? It's just another way to say you're spending too much time hitting the booze, talking shop with your friends. And that's exactly what happens here on DWTB!

Every episode, we feature some great craft beer, take our shots at pro wrestling, MMA, and pop culture with a few detours into the worlds of horror movies and music.

Adam and Matt have been friends for over 15 years and each guy brings a little something to the table. 

Adam creates award winning beers that have taken trophies home in some of the biggest beer competitions in the state of Pennsylvania. His love for craft beer dates back to his times in college when he finally put a Dogfish to his lips and never looked back. When he's not going full brewer, you can catch Adam listening to some trash folk, watching a horror movie, or trying to stir it up with Matt!

Speaking of Matt, he has a long history with music and a little bit of sound production under his belt. Matt considers himself a student of comedy and enjoys working through material with his podcasting cohost to bring the fans of DWTB something to giggle at every week. 

New episodes of DWTB drop every Sunday morning. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @decayinWTB

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