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Why Suffering Is A Time To Rejoice | The Pascha (Easter) No One Wants | 4/9/2020 Scripture Readings

During this pandemic, we are being called to be obedient to our church leaders. In doing so, we are drawing closer to God in a way most of us have never experienced (including Dave). As Saint Macarius of Optina said, "Through unwanted sorrows and illnesses we draw closer to the Lord, for they humble us by constraint, and humility, when we acquire it, can save us even without works, according to St. Isaac the Syrian." Let us remember this as we continue toward Holy Week and read today's scripture readings for April 9, 2020.

Read the article, The Pascha No One Wants, mentioned in the broadcast (https://www.oca.org/reflections/misc-authors/the-pascha-no-one-wants) and read today's scripture passage at Orthodox Church of America (https://www.oca.org/readings).

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