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Spiritual Aspects Of Fatherhood | Bright Wednesday Scripture Readings | Lessons for Christian Dads

As fathers and husbands, we are called to be role models to our children. We should exemplify how to pray, how to love, and how to forgive. Dave shares some wisdom from Dr. Albert Rossi's article, "The Spiritual Aspects of Fatherhood," a personal story that showcases how we let anger get the best of us, and the reading from Acts for Bright Wednesday.

Resources for this episode include: Dr. Rossi's piece (http://www.theologic.com/oflweb/forfolks/spirfrhd.htm), Orthodox Christian Parenting blog (https://bit.ly/orthoparent), and today's readings (https://www.oca.org/readings/daily/2020/04/22/1).

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