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Season 2: An Exodus 90 Journey | Dad Devotionals Podcast Trailer

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Dave's Exodus 90 Fraternity: https://app.exodus90.com/j/URZAZPP

Dad Devotionals Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/DadDevotionals

Christ is in our midst!

Hey there, folks. Dave here – host of the Dad Devotionals Podcast.

I’m here to let you know I’m excited for Season 2 of the podcast.

I’m back from a hiatus where I focused on getting my MBA program done! It was a lot of work – a lot of writing – but very much a blessing. Praise God.

But, I’m back and can’t wait for Season 2 of the podcast. I’m calling it – “An Exodus 90 Journey.”

This season, I’ll take you through the ups and downs – wins and fails – of my participation in the popular men’s Christian development program – Exodus 90.

If you haven’t heard of it – Exodus 90 – is a powerful 90-day spiritual exercise consisting of daily prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. The program summons men back to the foundations of their faith, stripping them of worldly addictions and reinvigorating their devotion to Christ.

I hope you’ll join me in this journey – not just listening to the podcast – but actually join my Exodus 90 fraternity. You can sign up at the link on the pinned post at https://facebook.com/DadDevotionals. You’ll see it at the top. Or just go to https://app.exodus90.com/j/URZAZPP.

And – nope – I’m not getting any money from Exodus 90 to promote this. I don’t even think they know I’m doing it! I just thought – after all the devotion to my MBA program – it’s time to devote my time to prayer and family.

Let’s do this together.

God bless. Lord have mercy.

Join me for the launch of Season 2 on the Facebook page – and let the men in your church know!