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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus with Tim Ferrara | Make Better Decisions To Honor God | Dad Devotionals

In episode 130, Dave Domzalski talks with Tim Ferrara about keeping our eyes on Jesus and making better decisions that honor God.

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About Tim Ferrara:
- He’s the author of Eyes on Jesus: A 90-Day Discernment Devotional - and host of the top-ranked Eyes on Jesus podcast.
- He started the Discerning Dad ministry - at discerning [dash] dad.com - as a way to write and encourage Christians to grow in discernment and make better decisions that honor God.
- Tim is the Executive Pastor at LifePoint Church in Arizona - where he lives with his wife Jamie and their two children.

Here's what Dave asked Tim:

1. What do you want the dads out there to take away from our chat today?
2. What is holding men back from making better decisions that honor God?
3. You host the Eyes on Jesus podcast - a top show - what are two or three common themes you’re seeing come up in the show that you’d like to share?
4. What is something you’re struggling with right now - in your ministry and/or personal life? How are you trying to overcome it?
5. You recently wrote an article titled, Christianity is Easy. Obviously a little tongue in cheek there. But, talk to us about this. Specifically, how do we avoid being slaves to sin - and instead be slaves for Christ’s sake?

The Fatherhood Five:
- What’s the most rewarding thing about being a father?
- What’s the most difficult thing about being a father?
- How do you react when one of your kids does something wrong?
- Best book on fatherhood you’ve read?
- Name a Bible verse you’re meditating on lately