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Father Ted Pulcini On Acquiring An Inner Stillness & The Martyrdom Of Parenthood

Father Ted Pulcini joins Dave to discuss what he's up to after retiring from the priesthood in August 2019. He touches on how Orthodox Christians can acquire an inner stillness and why our current circumstances are an opportunity for us to obtain spiritual goodness. Also, he talks about how we as parents are actually martyrs and need to avoid anger and other passions to stay that way.

Dave also reads about Jesus's washing of the apostles' feet from the Gospel of St. John. See https://www.oca.org/readings.

Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem: https://www.oca.org/orthodoxy/prayers/lenten-prayer-of-st.-ephrem

Resources: Father Ted's 3-part lecture series, Breaking the Twin Shackles: Overcoming Anger and Despair in the Spiritual Struggle, can be found at https://patristicnectar.org/bookstore_200106_5 and also listen to Episode 22 with Dr. Philip Mamalakis at https://daviddomzalski.com/Mamalakis.

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