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June 19, 2020

50 - Prayer vs. Anger with David O'Dell-Karagas

50 - Prayer vs. Anger with David O'Dell-Karagas
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David O'Dell-Karagas joins Dave on the podcast to discuss his journey to Orthodoxy from Roman Catholicism. David tells Dave about his pilgrimage to Arizona where Elder Ephraim was located before he reposed (Memory Eternal)-- and this led to his desire to enroll in an Orthodox seminary.

You'll also learn how David uses his prayer life to combat the sins of anger and lack of patience. That, of course, is something a lot of us fathers must deal with. David gives us a glimpse into his family life as well-- he is a husband and father of 4 children after all.

Thanks again to the "Dads of Orthodoxy" Facebook group. It really is a great place to connect with other fathers in the Orthodox Christian faith and share our wins and losses as dads "fighting the good fight." Check it out at https://facebook.com/groups/dadsoforthodoxy.

Also, don't miss Orthodox@Work-- my new monthly podcast series with Sean Reid, an Orthodox deacon and business coach. It starts on June 29, 2020 and will run on the last Monday of each month. We will discuss how to live out Orthodoxy in the workplace and your business.

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