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June 8, 2020

45 - Helping Leaders Lead with Deacon Sean Reid

45 - Helping Leaders Lead with Deacon Sean Reid
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Deacon Sean Reid serves in the Canadian Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church in America. He's also the President and Head Coach at Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Solutions. You will also recognize him from The Saint Emmelia Homeschool Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

In this episode, Deacon Sean discusses how he helps leaders lead-- and also his struggles on taking a leadership role in the home. He also talks about how his family has rediscovered the joy and benefits of homeschooling amidst the coronavirus pandemic. You'll also learn how and why Deacon Sean started his coaching business and how manages his career, being a deacon, and being a father and husband.

Learn more about Deacon Sean's coaching business at ArrowheadCoaching.ca and catch the St. Emmelia Homeschool Podcast at SaintEmmelia.com.

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