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April 28, 2020

32 - Coronavirus Anger Management | Day Of Rejoicing | Tuesday Of St. Thomas Week

32 - Coronavirus Anger Management | Day Of Rejoicing | Tuesday Of St. Thomas Week
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Happy Day of Rejoicing! During the Tuesday of St. Thomas week, we remember those Orthodox Christians who have fallen asleep in the Lord. Make sure to check out the "Day of Rejoicing" article on the Orthodox Church in America website at https://www.oca.org/saints/lives/2019/05/07/35-day-of-rejoicing. Also, Dave shares St. John Chrysostom's “On the Cemetery and the Cross” sermon (hat tip to John Sanidopoulos' "Mystagogy" blog - https://bit.ly/2xepVi6). 

We discuss anger on today's show as well. Dave shares his anger management issues. Here's the prayer he cites: https://connectusfund.org/13-powerful-prayers-for-overcoming-anger-and-resentment plus the reading from the Church Fathers: https://www.orthodox.net/gleanings/anger.html.

Today's reading from John 3:16-21 can be found at https://www.oca.org/readings/daily/2020/04/28/2.

Episode mentioned: #23 with Father Ted Pulcini on acquiring an inner stillness and the martyrdom of parenthood. See https://bit.ly/3bQkcyg for that episode.

Interested in homeschooling your kids from an Orthodox Christian perspective? Well, you need to check out St. Emmelia Ministries Orthodox Christian Homeschooling. They have an online conference starting Thursday, April 30, 2020 and it's all on Zoom. Keynote speaker is Fr. Stephen Freeman. For details and to register for free, check out https://daviddomzalski.com/emmelia/.

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