Nov. 19, 2020

The Real Reason Your Customers Buy with Bob Moesta

The Real Reason Your Customers Buy with Bob Moesta

With so many moving pieces, it can be hard to truly understand why your customers actually bought from you. But fear not, because a simple framework called Jobs To Be Done will ensure you're giving your customers exactly what they need. The co-architect of the Jobs To Be Done framework Bob Moesta joins Katelyn Bourgoin to explain: 

  • Why Customers Lie To Themselves and To You
  • The Difference In Language Between Active And Passive Shopping
  • The Four Forces That Influence All Buying Decisions
  • What Really Matters To Your Customers
  • And So Much More

Bob Moesta is the President and CEO of The Re-Wired Group and co-architect of the Jobs To Be Done Framework. His new book Demand-Side Sales 101 is now available. 


Summary of Episode

There is no such thing as an impulse buy

People will say they bought something as an impulse purchase. But the reality is that there's a set of dominoes that have to fall in people's lives for them to do anything.

Because in the end, we are creatures of habit. If it works and it's doing well, there's just no reason to change. 

We need to identify and understand the sequence of forces that made someone say, “Today is the day I’m going to buy that new waffle iron.”


What Matters To The Customer Is Very Different Than What Matters To The Company

Part of the Jobs To Be Done Framework makes you start to realize that what's meaningful to the consumer is very different from what is meaningful to the company. 

And so part of the JTBD framework is to understand what's the meaningful level of differentiation that a consumer needs to hear that helps them make progress.


Customers Lie To You And They Lie To Themselves

We need to start to understand what there’s a massive difference between what consumers say and what they do. They can’t predict the future any better than we can.


Active Looking vs. Passive Looking

Passive uses “I” and “me”

Active uses “we” and “us”


The Four Ways To Create Space For A Solution

  1. Ask a question but don’t answer it for them
  2. Create a story that your customer can identify with
  3. Give your customer a new metric that they can’t yet measure
  4. State the obvious but don’t solve the problem


The Four Buying Decision Forces

  1. Push Force - “We need a bigger place to live.”
  2. Pull Force - “That house has a beautiful kitchen.”
  3. Anxiety Force - “But moving is such a pain.”
  4. Habit Force - “And all our friends live in this neighbourhood.”






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