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Mind blowing episode with Bob Moesta

There were so many $1M ideas in that episode! I can’t believe I didn’t know and hear about those things before. I’m ready to explore other episodes. Thanks for amazing work!

Mind changing.

Dig into this podcast to hear brilliant ideas, strategies and stories about how to better connect and bring value to your customers.

Great podcast

Great insights, extremely valueable for anyone looking beyond basics and wants an actionable advice.

Lots of smart wisdom

The first few episodes were really good. I’ve learned a lot about how people buy already. Pretty cool.

Super helpful

Been waiting for a podcast like this - they do a great job talking more about the customer than about marketing techniques. Love it!

Katelyn is the real deal

If you’re looking to learn more about what makes your customer tick, nobody obsesses over this and knows how to boil it down more than Katelyn.

Straight to the point Insights

Love this podcast! Katelyn is great and getting to the heart of what we need to know. The episode with Val is full of clear and useful things to remember when communicating with your customers. Looking forward to more! 🎉

Keep it coming!

This podcast is a game-changer for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Katelyn does an amazing job of sharing valuable insights into understanding and reaching your customers. I can’t wait to listen to new episodes and hear from more guests!

Experts who really know their stuff

I’m delighted to host this podcast. I get to talk with some of the world’s top experts in marketing, product design and CRO. So much wisdom here.

So excited for this!!

Katelyn insights helped me understand the value of truly ‘getting’ my customer which when put in practice helped me to 3x my business in 1 year.

Helped me get clarity

As a marketer, I’ve heard “customer research” time and time again. But I never knew how or what to actually do. This show helps to understand how others do it and what the results are. Big fan!