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The Cross Files Podcast

Our Mission
The Cross Files Podcast, formerly known as the Strange O'Clock Podcast, is an enlightening and engaging show hosted by Michael, the host of Spirit Wars, and Jeri, from Amasian Grace Radio. In this thought-provoking podcast, Michael and Jeri delve into a wide range of ancient and modern topics, examining them through a biblical lens. By highlighting the supernatural angle and providing a bird's eye view, they offer listeners a fresh perspective on various subjects. Whether exploring historical mysteries, spiritual encounters, or current events, The Cross Files Podcast aims to help people gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and uncover the spiritual significance behind it all. Join Michael and Jeri on this fascinating journey as they bring their unique insights and biblical viewpoint to the forefront, encouraging listeners to broaden their horizons and embrace the supernatural aspects of life.

Recent Episodes

Feb. 18, 2024

💖✨ Love Unveiled: The Cross Files Podcast Valentine 2024 Special 💑🌹"

🎙️ Welcome to The Cross Files Podcast, the show where faith meets love, and where ancient tales come alive in the modern world. I'm Michael, and I'm Jeri, and we're your hosts on this journey through the sacred stories that …
Feb. 3, 2024

Gary Wayne's Revelation on Fallen Angels & the Genesis 6 Conspiracy! 👼

Unveiling Ancient Mysteries: Gary Wayne's Revelation on Fallen Angels & the Genesis 6 Conspiracy! 👼 Unveiling Ancient Mysteries: Gary Wayne's Revelation on Fallen Angels & the Genesis 6 Conspiracy! 👼 | Cross Files…
Jan. 24, 2024

Where is God in our Sorrow?

Join me, Jeri, on the Strange O'Clock Podcast as I explore the presence of God in the midst of our sorrows in a short message while I'm driving. In this heartfelt message, I navigate the turbulent waters of loss, illness, fi…
Jan. 19, 2024

Transformed from Occult Darkness to the True Light of Jesus: Dawn's Story

In a gripping episode ofhttps://strangeoclock.com, hosts Michael and Jeri delve into the captivating story of Dawn's transformation from the depths of occult practices, new age philosophies, and witchcraft into the illuminat…
Jan. 15, 2024

How to Deal with your Enemies and Trolls

Welcome to the Strange O'Clock, the podcast where we dive into unconventional topics and explore unique perspectives. In this episode, we tackle the challenging issue of dealing with trolls and negative reviewers. Join us as…
Jan. 13, 2024

Alien Abduction, Stolen Eggs, and the Birth of Hybrid Offspring! 👽🛸

👽✨ Embark on a riveting journey with Michael and Jeri from https://www.podpage.com/strange-oclock/ as they delve into the extraordinary life of https://karinwilkinsonauthor.com, author of "Stolen Seed, Evil Harvest." Brace y…