Crimes, Killers, Cults and Beer

Crimes, Killers, Cults and Beer

True Crime Comedy Podcast. True crime told from the point of view of 2 CRAZY FLORIDA MEN!!! Hosts: Bill and Paul

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June 20, 2024

115 Satanic Panic: Ricky Kasso, The Acid King

Ricky Kasso, aka The Acid Kingwas a troubled teenager, who had a rough childhood, and got into drugs. Big time. This story takes place n Northport, on Long Island, NY in 1984. It was a case that fueled the Satanic Panic beca…
June 17, 2024

CKCB Features Ep 4 'How To Dump A Body At Sea And Not Get Caught' Author, Mack Maloney Interview

Join us for this interview with Mack Maloney, author of the crazy and addicting book, 'How To Dump A Body at Sea and Not Get Caught'This book tells the story of Al Ferrari, a man who is the living embodiment of making lemona…
June 13, 2024

114 Aubrey Gold: Porn Star Involved With Murder + Discussion on the Porn Industry

Aubrey Gold was born in a small Bible Belt town in Alabama. She was a rebel with a wild streak. As soon as she turned 18, she was on her way to Las Vegas to realize her dreams of becoming a porn star and achieving fame and f…
June 9, 2024

Bill was a guest on Mental Illness Theater: WW2 Operation: Tiger

Bill sat in on Mental Illness Theater , and Mark tells us about the botched dress rehearsal for the invasion of Normandy.
June 9, 2024

Macabre Emporium Takes Over CKCB

This was originally a Patreon episode. David and Sarah of the Macabre Emporium Podcast came on when Bill didn't have a cohost. And, they literally took over the episode. We had alot of fun!
June 6, 2024

113 NorCal Rapist, Roy Charles Waller With Matthew from Murder Coaster

Ever heard of the NorCal Rapist, Roy Charles Waller? Not many people have, including our guest, Matthew Brockmeyer from the Murder Coaster Podcast. Why?Because he isn’t a serial killer, as far as the law is concerned. But, B…