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101 ways to save money, get happy, relax and find your creativity by making stuff out of plants you grow, forage or buy. And even monetise your hobbies! Craftsteading is about self-sufficiency, making things, lost trades and gardening. It’s about prepping for the apocalypse or relaxing with therapeutic, mindful handicrafts. Are you looking for something engrossing to take your mind off daily worries? Would you like to learn a relaxing but exciting new skill or craft? Ever wished you could find out how to thriftily make useful and beautiful things to share with your friends and family? Plants have a lot of other uses besides being edible or medicinal. From dyes, botanical jewellery, broom making, weaving, basketry, lighting, wax, resin, rope, string, to soap oil paint, perfume, musical instruments and much more. I’ll tell you about the amazing ways you can use plants from your garden, or foraged from the wild. Your very own home-grown or gathered raw materials. You can learn how to use simple handcrafts that are sometimes lost or forgotten, the very same methods your ancestors used. Grow your own brooms, baskets, jewellery, containers or whatever you need. You won’t need to buy them from shops any more! There are so many happiness-inducing craft projects that start with planting a seed. For example, I’ll explain the way I’ve made containers from gourds, jewellery from seeds called Job’s tears, baskets from cattail bulrushes and brooms from sorghum. All home grown. And if you’re not into gardening, no stress, you can buy supplies from craft stores or online. Craftsteading is for - Gardeners and farmers, Makers and craftspeople, Cooks and chefs, home brewers and broom makers, Survivalists and Permaculturists, Geeks and nerds, Weavers and spinners, People who love natural fibers, Back to basics and Simple living enthusiasts, Woodworkers and Do it yourselfers. Each month (and sometimes more often) I’ll bring you a new podcast, so be sure to “follow”.See videos and photos at www.instagram.com/littlehouse.onthepeninsula and search CRAFTSTEADING on YouTube.

Recent Episodes

17. CHRISTMAS TREES. Did you know that they have a surprising range of uses? How do people use them as food and medicine? And what has turpentine got to do with Christmas trees?

Dec. 21, 2022

When you think of plants that are associated with Christmas, what do you think of first? For most people it’s the Christmas Tree that probably comes to mind. The tradition of Christmas Trees probably began with the ancient R…

16. Part 2 MONETIZING YOUR CRAFTSTEADING HOBBIES. Where can you sell your Craftsteading products and skills online? What about packaging supplies and freight shipping calculators?

Nov. 23, 2022

You can sell handmade products online with very little expense in at least 5 ways: * your own store built with a platform such as Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, BigCommerce, Weebly, Ecwid or Shift4Shop. * your own WordPress webs…

15. Part 1 MONETIZING YOUR CRAFTSTEADING HOBBIES. What products or skills can Craftsteaders sell? Where can you sell them in the real world? And how do you set your prices?

Oct. 19, 2022

Whether you’ve grown your own gourds and decorated them, grown your own broomcorn and made artisan brooms, grown your own Jobs Tears and made botanical jewellery, grown your own willow or bamboo and made baskets, grown your …

14. NETTLES - YOU WON’T BELIEVE THEIR USES! From food and medicine to cosmetics, paper, cordage, textiles, dyes, fertilizer and insecticide!

Sept. 21, 2022

The humble and underrated stinging-nettle (Urtica dioica) has some amazing secrets. From food and medicine to cosmetics, paper, cordage, textiles for clothing and household linen, dyes, fertilizer and insecticide, nettles ha…

13. LEMON - YOU WON'T BELIEVE ITS USES! It’s a common fruit but it has a wide range of uses other than as a decoration for a cocktail or a garnish for seafood dish!

Aug. 24, 2022

This episode is about lemons, Citrus limon. I’ve chosen lemons because it’s pretty likely that most listeners will have access either to lemons the fruit, or a lemon tree, or both. You can eat the pith, juice, rind and even …

12. PLANTS USED FOR LIGHTING. Many plants you can grow in your garden produce a wax or an oil that can be used as lighting fuel or candle wicks.

July 20, 2022

Plant Oils, Waxes and Wicks for Alternative Lighting: Many plants you can grow in your garden can be used to provide lighting. Some of these plants produce a wax or an oil that can be made into candles, some yield an oil tha…