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Jan. 19, 2022

Sustainable eCommerce Capabilities with Coca-Cola's Joe Davis

Sustainable eCommerce Capabilities with Coca-Cola's Joe Davis

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Joe Davis, VP North America eCommerce at The Coca-Cola Company, the world's most iconic brand and manufacturer of beverages loved by generations. 

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Joe answers these questions:

1)  The pandemic has transformed the way Americans of all ages and incomes conduct grocery shopping. What are the key capabilities that you are seeking to enable the Coca-Cola system with why do you see these capabilities to be so essential to driving success?
2) What do you see as the most important needs that your retail partners are looking for Coca-Cola to bring to their digital customer engagement strategies?
3) How does your team remain focused on building sustainable capabilities that matter?  4) You’re likely presented with a myriad of solution options that, to a degree, evaluate with long-term skepticism.
4) Retail media is a growing channel in activating across the customer journey. Is funding a trade function, a brand function or a mixture? How do you judiciously allocate your investments to deliver measurable ROI in search for the organization?
5) What are the content levers you optimize that enable Coca-Cola products to appear at the top of organic search results?
6) How does your team play in ensuring that supply chain demands for eCommerce across the system are fully optimized for success?
7) Coca-Cola has a substantial position in foodservice channel. What are the demands for eCommerce capabilities in foodservice and how does your team support those demands?
8) What are the 2 or 3 trends in omnichannel consumer grocery shopping that have you thinking about where Coca-Cola needs to be delivering capabilities to win with your consumers in the immediate and near term future?

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