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Nov. 3, 2021

Scaling DTC into Omnichannel with Chomps Meat Snacks' Pete Maldonado & Stacey Hartnett

Scaling DTC into Omnichannel with Chomps Meat Snacks' Pete Maldonado & Stacey Hartnett

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Pete Maldonado the co-founder & CEO of Chomps & the Sr Director of eCommerce Stacey Hartnett. Chomps is a manufacturer of protein-packed meat snacks that deliver on taste, simple ingredients and powerful nutrition!

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Pete & Stacey answers these questions:

1) We’d love to hear your origin story. How did you two know each other and what was the catalyst that led you to found the business we now know as Chomps
2) As you grew your business, what were your funding principles and how have you been able to maintain the “family-owned” status?
3) What was the evolution of your omnichannel strategy? Did you start in physical retail and move online or vice-versa? What were some of the key decisions that drove your entrance into each channel?
4) How do you manage your DTC and Amazon platforms? Are you leveraging machine learning tools or AI to drive some of your activities? What is helping you win scaling your digital selling?
5) Let’s talk about CRM strategy. You’ve built a community of “Chompians.” What are the pillars of your CRM strategy that you focus on to drive growth with your active consumers?
6) How are you leveraging all of the 1P data that is being generated by your DTC business? Does it inform your ability to sell effectively into other channels? Also, UGC or ratings & reviews are clearly a major asset on your brand site. How are you leveraging UGC beyond just displaying it on your brand site?
7) How do you set your associates up for success? What are the leadership principles and resources you leverage to ensure this objective?
8) What have been some of the challenges that the pandemic has brought to your business? How has it impacted your selling approach if at all?

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