May 6, 2021

10.Finding Your Rhythm in Small Business

10.Finding Your Rhythm in Small Business

10.Finding Your Rhythm in Small Business

WBDC's podcast, Courageous Conversations with Fran Pastore,
features candid discussions between WBDC CEO Fran Pastore and influential leaders in and around our community.

Alisa Bowens-Mercado grew up with two grandmothers who would tell her to be sure to find her rhythm in life – to do what she loves – as they sipped from bottles of beer in the kitchen. Many years later, she has found her rhythm as the first black woman to own a brewery in Connecticut, aptly named Rhythm Brewing Company to honor the women who inspired her.

In this episode of Courageous Conversations, Fran talks about the importance of small businesses with Alisa and David Salinas, the founder of Digital Surgeons, a digital design consultancy, and District, a co-working space and comprehensive ecosystem for entrepreneurs in New Haven, CT. David is also a mentor to countless entrepreneurs and a steadfast advocate for small businesses. Listen to hear about the impact networks and mentors can have on the path of an entrepreneur and find out why Alisa insists, “It’s about more than just me and a can of beer.”

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