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Counterparts - Two Puerto Ricans from the Bronx - A Journey - July 25th 2023

What's up, everyone?!! So as some of you know, we come from the streets of the South Bronx! We like to think of ourselves as two inspiring Puerto Ricans who have risen as beacons of self-expression, using their platforms to ignite change and creativity! Too much?? Nevertheless, that's how we feel so I'll continue! We fearlessly broke societal barriers and have embraced our cultural heritage and shared our unique voices with the world. Voices that have been suppressed on most social platforms! Through film, music, and health, we have fostered a powerful sense of community, encouraging others to embrace these identities and to speak out fearlessly. Ok Ok! I'll stop for now! But just know that Tuesday night will be the most important show our of 2 and half year talk show career. We are excited and we hope you will join us! :)