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Counterparts - Tim Sabatino - April 4th 2023

Tim Sabatino is a California native and a US Navy Veteran of the gulf war. Wearing many hats, Tim’s main occupation for over 25 years is a advertising, fashion, beauty and celebrity photographer. Tim is also a director and producer for music videos, commercials and commercial advertising photo shoots.

Infiniti Ranch is 6 acres of green pastures surrounded by Georgia forest. This ranch is divided into 4 pastures, two of them each with a small barn. One barn has 4 stables and the other has 2 stables.

Infiniti Ranch invites you to the greatest actors package ever!
4 day Horse Camp for actors!

-Add horse riding to your resume!

-Learn how to ride a horse confidently and comfortably!

-Get practice if you'll already a rider! (English or Western)

-Practice scenes on horseback!

-Film a scene for your reel!

-Editing is included!

-Shoot new head shots!

-Retouching is included!

-Photo Shoot with a Horse!

-Stay at Infiniti Ranch!

-Lodging & Food is included!