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Counterparts - Can you steal the "Heart" of a song? - June 20th 2023

Inspired by a song or just stolen? Let's Talk About It.

Ed Sheeran cleared in copyright trial over Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’.

The trial concluded after a jury first met on April 24. Gaye collaborator Ed Townsend’s family sued the “Shape of You” singer for copyright infringement in 2016, claiming that his “Thinking Out Loud” — co-written with songwriter Amy Wadge — stole “the heart” from Gaye’s song by using “melodic, harmonic and rhythmic compositions” that are “substantially and/or strikingly similar to the drum composition” to Gaye’s sensual number.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that Sheeran celebrated his victory by briefly putting his hands over his face in relief before hugging his lawyer. Outside the courthouse, Sheeran delivered a statement, saying that he was “obviously very happy” with the case’s outcome.

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