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Best morning show

For an early refreshing and great value content, this is the show! John’s communication is easy and I have so much fun listening on my way to work!

Very entertaining…

Very entertaining…and insightful. Enjoy watching.


I always enjoy your interviews!


Great information! Love the communication skills!

Great Content

John provides a lot of great content that’s fun, intriguing and entertaining.

Unique & Entertaining

This is a unique and thought provoking podcast which proves to be entertaining. Hosts have great interactions with viewers/subscribers. I love the concept. You will too.


John is so entertaining and a true talent! So much fun to watch!


I’ve been following John for quite some time through different media outlets. By far, this series of podcasts, brings out the honesty as an interviewer with an open minded entertainment value!

Absolutely Fantastic

John Henry Soto is that long time friend that punches you in the face with a fun time and a bunch of laughs. In a world of predictability we have an original gem in this copy and paste society. Watch him. You’ll thank me later! #yourwelcome

John Soto ! A natural !

This guy is a natural ! He always puts a smile on my face even before he opens his mouth. Once that happens he just makes me laugh . I always get in a good mood ! He’s funny , serious and always on the mark !

An Everyman for every topic.

A Soothing friendly voice. John is as real as they come and a pleasure to listen to.

Good stuff

Natural born interviewer. I love the content and the entertainment value. Keep up the good work!